"Businesses  who know their numbers  have a tremendous advantage over those who do not. "  

Only  with this one critical ingredient will  you achieve success in business

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finance 101 for entrepreneurs

-Entrepreneur Magazine

If you're a typical  entrepreneur, you have no shortage of confidence, intelligence and ambition to create and run a business.  AND, if you have  all of those things PLUS this one key ingredient, you'll  have an EXCELLENT CHANCE at BUSINESS SUCCESS.

What's the one thing?  Having a complete understanding of the numbers that drive your business.  30% of businesses fail in the  first year and over 50% fail within 5 years.  Don't become a  bad business statistic!  Take  action and learn your numbers.

Hello!  I'm Heather Marié.  I'm a former CFO and business  gal  who  loves  strategy, believes finance is fun, and is passionate about empowering  and educating entrepreneurs and goal getters to make a living doing what they love.   After spending 27 years  in the finance industry,  I've learned the secrets of creating a successful business  and am excited to share them with you!

I'm here to help you gain a real business advantage !

YES!  Yes I am!

It's time to take your business to the next level!  Are you ready?

What you'll learn...

To  stop wasting money on unprofitable products and focus your time and  resources on things that will make you the most money

How to use your numbers to maximize profits, expose opportunities and threats, and give you an advantage over your competition

Strategies to optimize your cash and make sure you have enough to run a  healthy  and sustainable business

To set your financial targets, track them,  and make sure your achieve them without stress and constant worrying

Keep your business financially secure and create a business that  will be successful and profitable for the long-term

and so much more!

This class is for you if you want  to...

Yes, that's exactly what I want!  

Stop wasting money and missing  out on opportunities because you don't understand the story your numbers are telling you

Gain an advantage over your competition and become more flexible, nimble and knowledgeable, enabling you to take advantage of new opportunities and eliminate threats before they impact your business

Create peace of mind and feel in control because you know where you stand at all times leading to less stress and better business management

Be one of the elite 30% of small business that succeed and are still in business after 10 years.

Here's what other successful entreprenuers are saying

Victoria,  Compassionate Mediation  Instructor

"Heather not only brings a wealth of information to her courses, she connects with her participants using humor, encouragement and positive energy.  Her genuine warmth encourages you to move out of your comfort zone all the while supporting you along the way.  I highly recommend Heather and her courses!  

Averie, stylist and make-up artist

I loved Heather's ability to keep the class focused and interesting!  She provides valuable information and is very knowledgable.  I look forward to attending a future class!

Anita, Creative and Consultant

"Heather's ability to use real-world examples to connect me with the class content was amazing.  She is totally relatable and super approachable and the group had so much fun connecting and laughing.  

Susanne,  Owner-Art of Board

"I found Heather to be engaging, fun and articulate.  She presented herself beautifully and professionally.  I entered the class with no social media strategy and left with valuable knowledge, tools and a better grasp on what to do next to elevate my brand and connect with my target market. (social media course)

4 hours - 5 modules -
 30 lessons  - worksheets & templates

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So the question is, are you ready to stare down your fears and become a number crunching, financial goal crushing, profit making powerhouse? 

  The course is valued at $2,900, but you can get started today for as little as $89 (with 3 more payments  of $89) or, the best value, of $297 one time investment. that's almost a 90% savings!

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